La Dolce VITA

pHenomenal Dark [HIGH RES]Achieve that ‘just spent a week in Barbados’ look without the extra expense. I have found the secret weapon that many celebrities have been sporting… And no, it is not a new boob job. Although I reside in the beautiful city of Miami, and you may not believe what I am about to say, but I have not been to the beach in almost a year. I know, I am ashamed to admit such thing, but it is true! I did, however, find a way to look like I have been soaking up the sun all summer long, with this innovative and fabulous product— Vita Liberata. With one simple application, I can already see the difference… But since I like to look like I’m on a permanent vacation, I had two simple applications and voila! My skin was glowing in all its radiance. What I love about this brand is that it is not only easy to apply, as it brings complimentary mitts so that your hands do not get stained during application, but it also has a very natural appeal. There is nothing more unflattering than girls who sport tans that look as if they’ve rolled around in a pool of old carrots. Not cute, ladies. Vita Liberata is tailored to your skin tone, with a variety of shades available, you will surely be far from disappointed. Find out why everyone is raving about this ‘pHenomenal‘ new product! So, go on, I invite you to try it and show the world what living ‘la dolce vita‘ looks like!


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