Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend

Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend

There is something so magical about Tiffany’s. Maybe it’s in the name? Or perhaps it is that giddy and overwhelmingly joyful feeling you get inside when you set your eyes on that little blue box, perfectly wrapped in a white satin ribbon. Whatever the reason may be, the feeling is always mutual. Euphoric. Unforgettable. Timeless. As is their diamonds…

For one, you’ve got the Tiffany Setting— your classic, brilliant-round cut diamond with a platinum band. Simple, yet posh… I’ve never been a fan of “plain” bands, although, there is nothing plain about a Tiffany’s diamond ring, but still, I like a little more ‘bling’. I always say, if you’re going to get the ring, you might as well go all the way. There are things in life that you don’t “half-ass” in, and proposing is most certainly one of them. Make it good, make it count. I find the idea of being able to pass down a valuable jewel to the future ‘gems’ of your family to be remarkable. I never had that in mine and it is definitely a tradition I would like to begin for my own someday.

Moving right along, I have also included the Tiffany’s Novo diamond ring, set in a platinum band and a beautiful array of pavé diamonds surrounding it. This has got to be my favorite style of wedding band, as the diamonds sort of ‘cascade‘ down. I’m not a big fan of bands where you can actually see the rim of the band surrounding the diamonds; it’s like they’re entrapped—Not a fan AT ALL… but to each their own, I suppose.

And to tease you all, I have included the ‘almost’ 3 million dollar Tiffany Emerald-cut diamond ring ,with a setting of diamonds surrounding the platinum band. Absolutely breathtaking!!

On another note, and not included in this picture or on the Tiffany’s site, are the Asscher and Cushion cut diamonds—also very lovely, given it has the right karat of course… Because otherwise, it would look somewhat little and strange. Either way, any flawless diamond complemented by a platinum pavé band is always a stunner!

So gentlemen, do your research— get something you are proud of, something she’d like… Doesn’t necessarily have to be Tiffany’s, but don’t be stingy. Ask your future mother in law for advise if need be, as no one knows a daughter like their own mother, but start somewhere. Until then… Ciao darling!


You’re welcome ladies. 


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