Bye Bye Louis, HELLO Balenciaga…

Celebrities wearing Balenciaga

Those of you who know me, are well aware that I am a die-hard Louis Vuitton fanatic… I have no doubt that I have more knowledge of the brand than the store representatives themselves. However, in the last couple of years, I’ve noticed a very large increase of price in the handbags and I am a little bit disgusted by it, given the material the bags are made of (canvas). So I decided it was time to separate from Louis and get myself a more “grown-up” piece… And then, there was BALENCIAGA. I have known of this brand for many years now but never found it in my heart (or my pockets) to splurge on a bag of this category. But that all changed recently… As I was browsing through the stores in search of a new bag, I went into Carolina Herrera, and although I loved the bag, I wasn’t fully hooked. So I released the “reel” a bit further until my eyes landed sight on this shiny, delicious bag. And now, it is mine…

The leather, the hardware, the history of it, is all too wonderful. But above everything else, I love the fact that it is not a common handbag, as Louis Vuitton has become, or what I like to call “the new Coach“, Michael Kors. The thing about Balenciaga is that only those who know…KNOW. Not many people are familiar with the signature look and style of these handbags and therefore, cannot recognize one from afar, as is the case with Gucci or Louis Vuitton, whose logo is imprinted in every corner of the bag. Balenciaga, like Céline, Chanel, Hermés, Bottega Veneta, YSL and a few others, have a classic, signature look to them… These designs are timeless. From their custom zipper to the craftsmanship of the handbag. There is nothing “ordinary” about these luxury pieces.


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  1. Cindy
    May 31, 2013 / 5:01 pm

    I love Balenciaga

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