Louis Vuitton: KING of my heart, Ruler of my closet

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King of heart; ruler of my closet. There are no words to describe my obsession with the 16th Top Brand (WORLDWIDE); Coca Cola being #1. For those of you interested in what I am talking about, check out the link to follow: TOP 100 BRANDS

Moving forward, I believe it’s only fair that I warn you all of how [obsessed] I am with this brand. You will hear me babble and rant on and on about how beautiful the bags are and how pissed off I am that they raised their prices (twice) this year!!!! Ridic. Anywho, I know all about Louis and I like to match these bags with personality. I believe there is a Louis Vuitton made for every girl. In which case, I must have multiple personalities since I have a few of these classic pieces.

 LV FACT: The Speedy 25 bag in Monogram Canvas was created for Audrey Hepburn (best actress that ever lived, in my opinion) just a little over fifty years ago. Talk about a timeless classic!

 I personally do not have the bag shown above, but I promise you, it will be mine before Christmas. Currently, the bag is going for $800 + 7% Tax, you are looking at $856.00 for this beautiful accessory. I have the same style but in the Neverfull GM. I have to say, it is the perfect “to go” bag. I use it to go shopping, work, beach, meetings, traveling, etc. I love that it can be adjusted according to how much you want to put in it. The bag has shot up in price since I got in last Christmas. It actually went up by $130 (not including 7% tax). If you do not own a Louis Vuitton yet, the Speedy 35 is the perfect “beginner bag”. I have the Speedy 25 in Monogram Canvas, but I fear it is too small for me. The 30 might still not be big enough, which is why the 35 is a perfect medium. There are different styles to the Speedy 35 bag: Monogram Canvas, Damier Ebene (my personal favorite) and Damier Azur.

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