Shoe addict, Bag lover, Fashion Guru!

That would be ME. I am wearing Chloe sunglasses, my LV Speedy 25, Blackberry Bold 9700 I no longer have, Marc Jacobs earrings, Juicy Couture hair clips and a dress from Saks Fifth Avenue. I’ve always been into designer apparel but I am far from being a snob. Most people would describe me as “a breath of fresh air”. I am extremely down-to-earth and in love with life. I am into saving this planet, photography, reading, writing, shopping, diaries, hello kitty, bunnies, and well, you catch my drift. I am always surrounded by well-spirited individuals with an incredible energy and vibe. My friends are among the few people on this earth that I can honestly say are “unique” in every way. I lead a breathtaking and honestly beautiful love life with my sweetheart of three years. He is truly remarkable and irreplaceable. I adore animals, especially mammals! I have a tremendous respect for the Sea and Nature. I believe those two are the most powerful things on this Earth and it can destroy us at any point in time, should we not take care of it. One of my greatest pet-peeves is people who litter. It irritates me to a maximum degree. I never understood why anyone would dare to be so careless and throw trash in the street, or even worse, on the water. Have they not seen the photographs of manatees and other sea creatures that die due to these objects thrown at sea? Do you not know that most things you discard on the street can end up in the ocean and consumed by a living creature? It makes me sad to think humans can be so ill-mannered and careless about our planet.

On a brighter note, I believe in fairy-tales, love, aliens, mermaids and WALT DISNEY WORLD!!!

I am a firm believer that all things are possible if you truly set your mind to it. Send your message to the Universe and the Universe will grant your wish right back. I think that a person’s energy seeps out through their pores and it is so easy now-a-days to tell whether someone is genuine or not. My best advice to any stranger would be to always remain positive, even in the worst situation. Happiness is not defined by what you have, but by who you are.  Surround yourself with extraordinary beings; beautiful souls…People who radiate positive energy straight from their heart. I am blessed to say, I am surrounded by a force field of positive energy at all times. I do not care to even become slightly acquainted with a bitter being that has a cloud of negativity following them around all day, every day. We only have but one life to live, live it good, live it right… BE the change you want to see in the world. Find yourself and follow your heart. Make a difference, live without bitterness in your heart or spite. Because in the end, only kindness matters and the love you build throughout your life, you will continue to receive for the rest of eternity.


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